Yesterday Insatech Pharma had the pleasure to greet the Danish minister of education and research, Esben Lunde Larsen, along with the Major of Vordingborg and a number of local stakeholders and institutions dealing with local commerce, innovation and growth.

The visit was prompted as a part of the new governments wish to move jobs and educational institutions from the capital and out into the regions – where it makes sense. 

Insatech Pharma participated to show case the type of solutions we have combined for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in relation to calibrating, enabling our customers to calibrate flow, pressure, quantity and conductivity in-line. Read more about our different calibraiton solutions. 

It is a fairly sophisticated process work to design and find an innovative solution to a customer’s challenge, and the process continues at the stages of production, validating and documenting the equipment. As such the development of our Pharma solutions requires a specialized workforce with a high degree of competence; both of which can be hard to recruit outside the capital. 

Insatech Pharma as such hopes the minister is able to “change the current”, in order to instill a sense of mobility in people while studying, and make them more aware of the regional offers, both in terms of education and jobs. 

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