Fast and Reliable High Conductivity Measurements for Pharma Processes

In the pharma industry, the production requirements are subject to a high degree of control. The measurement of conductivity is an important parameter in order to validate production- and process control. As conductivity is inseparably related to temperature, a fast and stable measurement of temperature is an important element in the process.  

A temperature measurement via an inductive conductivity sensor is stable when the process temperature is stable, since the temperature element is built into the peek material of the sensor.  Therefore, if the production temperature varies, for instance during SIP/CIP, which can be both rapid and large, the temperature takes time to penetrate the PEEK material, and a delay will often be seen.

This delay may result in a substantial change in conductivity before the temperature deviation is detected, which will have serious consequences in a production, with high demands of accuracy of the measurement.

Another problem arises when the temperature needs to be calibrated in an entire area, for instance from 0-100 degrees. In this scenario the standard solution becomes considerably time consuming. We know, based on the experience of our calibration technicians that this procedure is lengthy, as the temperature of the media must be increased gradually and stabilised, before the new temperature can be verified. 

An EHEDG Certified and Reliable Solution with Clamp Connection

In order to optimize the above problematic Insatech has design a smart solution:  

It consists if a inductive sensor with a termowell welded to the clamp and an external element. 

Combining the two enables instant registration of temperature changes and thus the possibility to compensate in the process. 

The solution is EHEDG certified (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), which means it may be used in applications requiring the use of hygienically approved equipment.  

You can also optimise the calibration calibration work flow or dosage control. 

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