Insatech Pharma - SUEZ Sievers TOC Analyzers for Water Analysis

The TOC Analyzers from SUEZ uses a conductometric membrane technology, which only passes CO2. This results in a higher stability, accuracy and precision than most other TOC detectors. The Analyzers are made for Ultra Pure Water (UPW) applications and meet, among others, US and European Pharmacopeia. The portable, on-line and laboratory versions of the analyzers makes it a versatile tool and makes it is easy for you to find one that will meet your requirements. Insatech Pharma also offers a service agreement that ensures your equipment is calibrated and working properly.

Zoom shot of Insatech's XT4 high conductivity sensor with external temperature registration

The XT4 is an inductive conductivity sensor with EHEDG certificate and external temperature sensor. It enables fast and reliable temperature measurement – including special flow fitting for small pipes. The XT4 ensures optimal temperature compensation in the process, thereby mitigating the problems of changes in conductivity as well as optimizing the calibration workflow. The instrument is made to save both time and money on the pharmaceutical production process.