Insatech Pharma calibration definition and services

Our calibration laboratory offers independent calibration within the field of conductivity, mass flow and temperature. The laboratory is regularly audited by authorities to ensure we meet the ISO 17025 standard of technical competences, traceability of results, suitability of reference equipment and the Quality Assurance / Control system. The laboratory is accredited by DANAK (Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund) ensuring your equipment will be calibrated to one of the highest international standards.

Insatech Pharma Insacal

Insacal is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry where there are high requirements for documentations of water purity. But would also be useful in other industries like biotechnology or nuclear power. The Master Meter only weighs 4 kg and is easily transported to the location of your conductivity sensors and by using a closed loop the Insacal can serve multiple points in your production.

Insatech Pharma Flow Calibration Rig for Flow Meter Calibration

The Insatech Flow Calibration Rig can be used to calibrate flow meters. The mobile calibration rig is easily maneuvered into the production area and allows calibration to be carried out in-line.

Insatech Pharma Pressure Calibration Rig - Pressure Calibrator

The Pressure Calibration Rig from Insatech Pharma automates the pressure calibration process and brings the calibration directly into the production area. The rig is mobile and easy to maneuver to wherever needed.

Insatech Pharma Quantity Calibration Rig for Load Cell Calibration

Insatech Quantity Calibration Rig can be used for calibration of loading cells for level measurement equipment in production and fermentation tanks. The mobile Quantity Calibration Rig reduces down time by allowing calibration directly in production. This also minimizes both the risk of contamination by Active Process Ingredients (API) and weights scratching the tank surface.