Insatech Pharma Insacal - Conductivity Calibrator and Master Meter Introduction

With the Insacal Conductivity Master Meter you will be able to validate your conductivity sensors in-line.

Insacal is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry where there are high requirements for documentations of water purity. But would also be useful in other industries like biotechnology or nuclear power. The Master Meter only weighs 4 kg and is easily transported to the location of your conductivity sensors and by using a closed loop the Insacal can serve multiple points in your production. This will save you hours on your total calibration time.

Also check out the press release on the new Insacal mk. II that is developed for low conductivity / UPW applications.

How It Works

The calibration can be carried out in to ways either in an open beaker or in a closed loop. In both cases the calibration is carried out by comparing the Unit Under Test (UUT) to the Insacal Master Meter. An obvious advantage of this is that you can use the Master Meter in e.g. a beaker in the laboratory and afterwards move it to a closed loop in the production.


Insacal was developed for the pharmaceutical industry. The casing is made from AISI 304 and is IP 66, which means it is dust proof and is able to withstand powerful water jets. This allows the equipment to be cleaned according to industry standards. The Insacal is always delivered with a shielded sensor to avoid influence from the surroundings, and all wetted parts are CIP-able (Cleaning-in-place).

Easily Transported and No Permanent Installation Required

The Insacal is handy and weighs less than 4 kg. The sturdy design together with the solid handle makes it easy to transport to the point of use and well suited for use anywhere on-site. Since the Insacal can be inserted into a beaker or drain valve no permanent installation is required.

Is the Standard Solution Insufficient?

If the standard solution is insufficient for your specific use we can, as a pre-order, work out a User Requirements Specification (URS) in accordance with your requirements.

Documentation from Basic to Full Validation

Insatech documents the various components, the interaction between the components and the total delivery as agreed to with the customer. We work according to well recognized standards, e. g. Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP).

The extent of our documentation is as per agreement with the customer, and goes from the basic operations manual to full validation in accordance with common practice of the pharmaceutical industry.

Service and Support on Insacal Conductivity Master Meter

Maintenance is limited to a yearly calibration of the sensor. We can also offer training in the use of the Insacal as part of the delivery. If you choose to sign a service agreement with us, we will ensure it functions correctly and we will take responsibility for timely calibration of it.