Insatech Pharma Pressure Calibration Rig - Pressure Gauge Calibrator for Pressure Calibration Equipment Calibration Procedure - How It Works

The Pressure Calibration Rig from Insatech Pharma automates the pressure calibration process and brings the calibration directly into the production area. The rig is mobile and easy to maneuver to wherever needed. The rig is ready to use after connecting it to a power supply, pressure gas and the Unit Under Test (UUT).

From Most of a Day to Half an Hour

The automated calibration process uses an optimized calibration method with a fast increase in pressure during the initial sequence, flattening off and approaching the set point asymptotically.  This process reduces the time spent on calibration considerably. The automated process also prevents over and under shooting and is always executed in the desired sequence avoiding time consuming procedure re-start. This means that the Pressure Calibration Rig will ensure that you always calibrate correctly and when a user-SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is entered into the instrument, the rig becomes operator independent.

We have experienced the pressure calibrator typically reduces calibration time from most of a day, when using DWG, to approximately ½ an hour.

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Operation of the Pressure Gauge Calibration Equipment

When using the Pressure Calibration Rig most of your pressure calibrations can be performed on-site in your own facilities.

Laboratory on Wheels

The Pressure Calibration Rig is designed to be mobile and is therefor easily maneuvered through the production area to the pressure gauges that needs to be calibrated. Furthermore the compact design of the pressure calibrator means that it will fit through standard industrial doors and elevators. The accuracy of the rig is normally only achievable in a laboratory so in essence the rig is a laboratory on wheels. The Pressure Calibration Rig would be a great addition to your existing laboratory or could be used instead of establishing temporary laboratories.

Easy Cleaning

The Pressure Calibration Rig is build with materials that are AISI 304, optionally AISI 316, which allows cleaning to be performed according to industry practice.

Specification and Accuracy

After the rig is connected to the UUT and the calibration is started, the rig will automatically perform the calibration. The pressure calibrator controller monitors the specified set point with an inaccuracy of 0.2835 mBarg/0.2838 mBara (K2) and assures a one year stability of the calibration.  The automatic control devices also ensure long time stability and uphold the stability within specifications.

Documentation from Basic to Full Validation

Insatech Pharma documents the various components, the interaction between the components and the total delivery. We work according to well recognized standards, e. g. Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and the rig is designed according to both the machinery directive and the low voltage directive.

The extent of our documentation is as per customer agreement, and goes from the basic operations manual to full validation in accordance with common practice of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pressure Calibrator Service and support

The rig is build with standard components which makes spare parts easily obtainable. If you choose to sign a service agreement with us, we will perform maintenance on the rig and ensure it functions correctly. Furthermore we will take responsibility for timely calibration of it.

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