Insatech Pharma Quantity Calibration Rig for Load Cell Calibration   Introduction

Insatech Quantity Calibration Rig can be used for calibration of loading cells for level measurement equipment in production and fermentation tanks. The mobile Quantity Calibration Rig reduces down time by allowing calibration directly in production. This also minimizes both the risk of contamination by Active Process Ingredients (API) and weights scratching the tank surface. Insatech Pharma has delivered several rigs to various pharmaceutical sites in Denmark, Brazil and France.

How It Works - Load Cell Calibration

The Quantity Calibration Rig is a plug and play solution. It can be connected directly to the pipework using e.g. Tri-clamps. After connecting a power cable the rig is ready to calibrate. The rig calibrates the loading cells by dispensing a pre-determined quantity of liquid into the tank instead of using master weights. The calibration is highly accurate and stable and a skewed distribution of calibration points can help target certain flow ranges.

  Insatech Pharma Quantity Calibration Rig connections       Insatech Pharma's qunatity rig seen from above      Dispay of Insatech Pharma's Quantity Calibration Rig


The Quantity Calibration Rig has been developed with special focus on operating costs, user friendliness, accuracy and documentation. Furthermore, the rig is a turn-key solution and is delivered tested and calibrated, ready for use. 

User Friendliness

Connections, instruments, and handles are to the extent possible placed ergonomically correct and allowing operation from one side. Furthermore the software is designed with usability in mind making your operator’s user experience easy and effective every time. During the calibration all results are presented on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) after each point of the calibration.


The Calibration Rig is designed to be mobile and the wheels allow the rig to be moved to wherever it is needed. The compact design of the rig means it fits through standard industrial doors and elevators.

Easy Cleaning

The Flow Calibration Rig is built with materials that are AISI 304 or optionally AISI 316L. Flow meters are made from EN 1.4404/AISI 316L depending on flow. All piping is made from EN 1.4404/AISI 316L with a surface roughness better than Ra 0.8. This means that cleaning can be performed according to industry practice and all wetted parts are CIP-able (Cleaning-in-place).

Specifications and Accuracy

As a benchmark the Quantity Calibration Rig covers a flow range from 5 to 17,000 l/h at a temperature of up to 40 °C. Ambient temperature must be between +10 °C and 40 °C. The rig needs a power supply of 400 VAC, 16 A. Other design parameters may be specified, including operation in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 1).

The Quantity Calibration Rig can be delivered with a traceable DANAK accreditation with an inaccuracy of less than 0.3 % of the measured value.

Is the Standard Solution Insufficient?

If the standard solution is insufficient for your specific use we can, as a pre-order, work out a User Requirements Specification (URS) in accordance with your requirements.

Documentation from Basic to Full Validation

Insatech Pharma documents the various components, the interaction between the components and the total delivery as agreed to with the customer. We work according to well recognized standards, e. g. Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and the rig is designed according to both the machinery directive and the low voltage directive.

The extent of our documentation is as per agreement with the customer, and goes from the basic operations manual to full validation in accordance with common practice of the pharmaceutical industry.

Service and Support

Maintenance is limited to a yearly inspection of critical parts, e. g. motor, pump, and the flow meter needs to be calibrated once a year. We can also offer training in the use of the Quantity Calibration Rig as part of the delivery. If you choose to sign a service agreement with us, we will perform maintenance on the rig and ensure it functions correctly. Furthermore we will take responsibility for timely calibration of it.

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