Over the years, Insatech Pharma has developed a variety of customer specified products for the pharmaceutical industry. As such our Pharma experts are your competent partners who delivery your custom made solution or project defined from your specifications. 

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How We Work

With thorough experience within the fields of measuring, regulation and calibration of almost all kinds of processes, we have used our experience at Insatech Pharma to develop customer driven solutions  within the areas:

  • Analytical measurements of liquids, gas or solids
  • Data logging, -registration, and -distribution
  • Flow measurements on liquids, steam, gas or solids
  • Calibration equipment for pressure, temperature, flow and conductivity
  • Measuring level on liquid or solids
  • Regulation
  • Temperature monitoring and control
  • Pressure monitoring and control

Design and Testing of the Customer Driven Solution

Insatech Pharma performs Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) as a part of a solution, along with start-up and commissioning. The necessary validation and documentation will be included in the order as requested. 

Prior to initiating the design phase, Insatech Pharma can prepare a Proof of Concept as an independent task.

Case Story - Flow Calibration Rig

The Flow Calibration Rig has come about as a result of a customer request – a wish to update current equipment at the production facility due to an outdated design and lack of documentation for the programming code. 

A calibration technician at a Danish pharmaceutical company says they are very content with the outcome of the coorperation, the Flow Calibration Rig, and the quick and accurate calibration it delivers.

 The rig runs very well and swiftly finds the various set points.” He says and explains they are now “(…) able to fit in more calibrations than before.” He also highlights that: “The new rig is quicker and more accurate and we don’t use much time fine tuning it”. Furthermore it has become a help with regards to scheduling: “It is a cumbersome process approving and certifying calibration technicians. The more we can automate, the less people we need to do the work.”

The flow rig is thus a contributing factor to keeping the unavoidable production downtime costs at a minimum by having the calibrations run as smooth as possible, as well as it helps freeing up the time of the calibration technicians.

Read more about the Flow Calibration Rig, its use and features.

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